Online Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses


In business, it is he who advertises who gets the customers coming through the door and thus, the one who gets the profits. That is never going to change because things are very competitive in the small business arena, and that is why entrepreneurs need to employ effective small business marketing strategies.

The New Age Of Marketing

dreamstime_m_26177246 (1)Apart from traditional advertising, such as print, radio and TV, the new method of getting the word out is digital. If you haven’t noticed, everyone has a computer, a laptop, an android, a smart phone or some other electronic device that they use to “stay connected.” This is the way that they stay in touch with family and friends and it is how they find out where to buy stuff as well.

Digital marketing is quickly becoming the best path to for small business to find success. Were you aware that 60% of all internet searches are now being conducted on a mobile device? This means that your future customers can find you on their smart phone while they are out shopping.

Mobile Marketing

Using a technology called SMS, a sub shop, for example, can send a text message to everyone in a zip code that gives a 20% discount on lunch today. Given that 98 percent of all text messages are opened, that is an unbelievable open rate for an ad. Do you think that some people might stop by and save on lunch. That also gives the business owner a chance to market to those people by getting their name and email.

Many businesses have a website that is ‘optimized’ for the search engines, but do they have a mobile website? The technology is different, but there are more and more people who use their mobile device for everything. They don’t have a landline for their phone, they use the mobile device. They don’t have a desktop or a laptop, they use their mobile device. If a business owner does not use this technology, a huge chunk of business will be missed and lost.


People are looking in different places for things to buy. Ten years ago they relied just on traditional sources such as radio, print and television. Now the digital platform is seriously rivaling all the traditional forms of advertising.

Facebook Marketing

For example, say you sell ladies, ready to wear clothing and your prices are very competitive and let’s face it, your inventory is stunning. Now with Facebook, you can find just the niche of customers who would love to come into your shop and see what your have.

drawing-196803_640With the new Facebook ad platform, you can set up a business page and market to a specific demographic down to their most detailed ages, locations, likes and dislikes and target only those people. Talk about effective small business marketing strategies, this one takes the cake. This is the easy way to find a hungry market and the rest is up to you.

If you have not looked into these new areas, get them going in addition to everything else you are doing and you will reap the rewards of being smart and up to date.